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Please review our grant guidelines to learn about The REAM Foundation′s grantmaking priorities and process, which apply to both our Sustaining grants and our Impact grants.

One of The REAM Foundation’s newer strategies is to invest much more deeply in a small number of exceptional organizations with larger, one-time “Impact grants” of around $100,000. These grants allow organizations to accomplish something that they otherwise would not be able to do, in response to a pressing need or special opportunity. Impact grants are specifically intended to come at a time to invest in building an organization or program. For example, they may support a grantee’s strategic plan with start-up costs, seed funding, or leveraging additional funding. Impact grants often support a grantee’s effort to change their model, scale, infrastructure and/or long-term programming.

We invite a small number of organizations to apply each year, and these organizations are exclusively current or previous grantees and/or invited by our Board of Directors.

If your organization seems to have an opportunity that aligns with this description, feel free to complete a brief statement or letter of inquiry by following this link: to let us know what you are working on.

Log in using your existing user name and password, or click on the "New Applicant?" link (below the email text box) to create a new account. If you click on the link above, it will prompt you to start a new form every time you log in. If you save and exit the form, click on the following link to log in and access the application that is already in progress:

Organizations can apply for both a Sustaining grant and an Impact grant at the same time for the Foundation’s consideration, but organizations cannot be awarded both grants within the same calendar year.

Feel free to view our list of Impact grants awarded.