The REAM Foundation is a private family foundation, which began making grants in 2007.

The REAM Foundation, working with the Milken Institute Center for Strategic Philanthropy, has launched a grant program dedicated to misophonia research and the development of new treatments. For more information, please visit Misophonia Research Fund.


The REAM Foundation is committed to a world where children are cherished and nurtured to reach their full potential; where misophonia is cured; where health, education, and the arts are enriched for everyone.


We believe in the importance of family. Our family gives us strength and support, and propels us with love and inspiration. Our family has given us the values that guide all aspects of our lives, including our philanthropy. Our family’s values have been shaped in part by our Jewish heritage. We recognize the value of all human beings and the importance of social justice, which inspire us to share our good fortune to help others. Our tradition also shapes our family’s strong belief in education and the knowledge that it brings. In all that we do, our family believes in conducting ourselves with honesty and integrity.